Announcing NewsMaker 2015 – What’s New


ShopK12 is excited to announce NewsMaker 2015, the latest release in this powerful presentation tool designed for schools.

NewsMaker, a video news-making tool, offers students a fun platform to express their views, create presentations and complete assignments in a linguistic and visual form. Students practice their organization, writing, speaking and presenting skills all within a multi-model tool.

NewsMaker is perfect for today’s classrooms and new features include an enhanced easy-to-use collaboration environment, as well as, a dedicated website where students can publish their finished presentation. Plus, the new interface is very appealing.

Easy sign in and online storage

With cloud storage and easy sign on, NewsMaker 2015 can be accessed from multiple devices (Windows & iPad). Students can work on the school iPad, and then continue at home using their own iPad (or Windows computer) by retrieving the project that they have saved in school.


Cool Collaboration Tool

Who’s the producer? Assignments can be distributed from the teacher or student producers, empowering students to think critically and creatively.

nmcollaborationProducers may include type of presentation and due date or leave the choice to the delegate.


Shared Project Resources

Students can upload resources such as photos, videos or even music to their project via a web browser and access these for their projects from ANY device.

There is so much in this program, new lesson plans and templates will be posted as we discover more fun features within the program.

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Learn more about NewsMaker and Download the Free Trial to get started.